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A Quilter's Garden, 342 River St, Montpelier VT 05602

Sewing Machine Service

Protect Your Investment and trust Your BERNINA with only the best!  We are proud to have a BERNINA Certified technician on staff, and offer a variety of services to keep your machine running like new. 

Please note that we take in other sewing machines to service too.  However temporarily we are unable to service Husqvarna Viking, Pfaff, Janome or Elna machines since we are overwhelmed with repairs and need time to catch up.

Everyone misses their machine when it is gone, and we strive to finish repairs quickly, correctly, and efficiently. If parts need to be ordered for your machine it could take more time.  The technician drops off and picks up machines as completed.  Due to the huge amount of machines being serviced at this time we are experiencing a current turn around of 4 to 8 weeks.

All labor warranted for 30 days.
All machines left over 30 days from the repair date may be sold for the cost of the repair unless other arrangements have been made.  Non repaired units left more than 30 days will be recycled.

When You Bring Your Machine in for Servicing...

Please Bring:
* Sewing Machine
* Power Cord
* Foot Control
* #1 Presser Foot - Zig Zag foot
* Bobbin Case
* Bobbin
* General Sewing Stitch Plate – Zig Zag plate
* BSR (if needing service)

* Embroidery Module with Hoop and Embroidery Foot for Sewing/Embroidery Machines (if needing service)
* Samples with specific fabric and/or threads causing problems and/or list of stitching problems
* Bring all the parts you took off the machine, while trying to fix it yourself (in a zip lock bag)
*Case, bag or box to hold your machine and all the accessories

Please leave home:
* any other accessories.
* specialty needles (you will not get it back)
* thread on the machine (you may not get it back)

When bringing in your sewing machine and embroidery unit to be updated, please save your designs on a personal design card, CD, or hard drive.

Warranty Information
All factory warranties apply to the original owner. Damaged parts are subject to factory approval for warranty.

                                                             TIPS FROM THE TECH!

1. It is recommended to have your machines serviced annually to keep them properly cleaned, adjusted, and lubricated.  A well maintained machine will aid in the longevity of your machine, providing you with years of sewing enjoyment.
Of course there are exceptions.  If you sew 2-3 hours every day you should probably have it looked at twice a year.  If you sew every so often, but only small quick projects or mending, then at least every two years.

2. Do not use canned air on your machines.  This forces the lint and other particles deep into the machine.  

3. To clean your machine between annual service visits use a lint brush, or at least a soft nylon bristle brush. A vacuum with a micro attachment set, like for PC’s, is good to have.

4. We do not recommend sewing over pins. You risk breaking a needle, which could fly in your face or cause a burr on the hook. If you have a broken needle, be sure to find and remove all broken pieces.

5. Change your needle and oil the hook every 3-4 sewing hours. Do not use a dull or damaged needle.

6. If your needle gets jammed in your fabric, disconnect the needle from the needle bar in order to remove the needle. Do not use the hand wheel to pry the needle out. It may cause your machine to go out of time or damage the hook of your machine.

7. Never use abrasives on the outer covers or touch screen. Any type of mild cleaning agent, such as 409, should be sprayed onto a cloth and then applied to clean covers. Never use acetone, mineral spirits or harsh chemicals.


9. Purchase a small booklet and keep a service record on your machine. You have a lot invested in your machine so taking time to write down a service record will be helpful to you and to our service department.

10. Problems? Try T-N-T
-Thread - rethread and check the thread path for stray threads left behind.  Make sure your thread is of good quality and lint free.
-Needle - check the needle for burrs and bends.  Replace the needle with every project or with every 2 bobbins.  Needles do the tough work of punching holes for the thread to pass through, use the right one for the job.
-Tension - what your mother told you, "don't touch that tension dial", doesn't apply anymore.  If you use different weight threads on the top than in the bobbin case, you need to adjust the tension.  Refer to your machine manual or make a test swatch of the fabrics and threads you will be using, start at the normal setting, sew an inch and adjust until you get the proper tension.

Have you Hugged Your Machine Today!