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A Quilter's Garden, 342 River St, Montpelier VT 05602

BERNINA Generation 1 Stitch Fun - My BERNINA Sewing Machine Workbook 2

This guide class is specially designed to support our New Generation 1 BERNINA Machine owners and bernette , except for the B1008 model.  This Stitch Fun class is a continuation of the Workbook 1 class and will walk you through further features of your new machine.  These classes are free for those who purchased their machine at A Quilter's Garden ($45 for those that purchased their machine elsewhere).

In this second workbook class explore the use of decorative stitches and embellishment techniques using your Generation 1 BERNINA Sewing machine.  Every sewing machine has a straight stitch, practical stitches and a range of decorative stitches.  Some have hundreds. To get the best results when sewing decorative stitches, there are several items that you need to address:  the type of thread you use, the presser foot you selet, and how you prepare your fabric for stitching.  We will explores these items step by stop through hands-on activities from the My BERNINA Sewing Mastery Workbook.

Generation 1 models: 215, 325, 330, 335, 350, 380, 530, 550, 560, 570 (old), 580, 1008
Generation 2 models: 435, 470, 480, 535, 570 (new), 590, 710, 740, 750, 770, 780, 790, 880
(if your model is not listed, please call for more information)

Click here for the class supply list.
Skill Details:
Materials Included:
We will provide the fabric and interfacing used.
Prerequisite - My BERNINA Sewing Machine Workbook 1. Sewing machine, manual, accessories that came with your machine, thread and thread snips.

BERNINA Generation 1 Stitch Fun - My BERNINA Sewing Machine Workbook 2